Sunday, 18 March 2012

Illustration Friday- Shades

Hello Surfers;

I'm tying this weeks IF with Mother's Day which we celebrated this Sunday here in the UK.
I have had the most wonderful weekend with my family. I've been curled up watching cartoons with my girls whilst happily doodling this picture of a very colourful Mum, enjoying a few minutes peace in her reading corner.  The more "Shades" of colour that I can put into my pictures the happier I am.

All my love and art to all you hard working Mums x x


  1. Great illustration. Love the vibrant colours and the stripes...

  2. Love it! You're such a pro at mixing colors and patterns. Great stockings and shoes! And who doesn't love a cute, stylish girl in glasses reading a giant book?

    (Also, ah ha! No wonder I've been seeing all these Mother's Day posts! In the U.S. it's not til May 13.)

  3. She's great! Love all the colors & patterns! A feast for the eyes!