Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Gwyl Dewi Sant 2012- St David's Day 2012

Dear all, Thanks for stopping by.

It is the 1st of March which is a special day for the Welsh- It is St David's Day.
For us living in London it is marked in a spectacular way, with our daughter and her school singing in a St David's Day service in the Houses of Parliament. Bright and early the girls cheer up the drones of commuters on a grey morning as they step on to the busy tube in full traditional Welsh Costume. It is a sight to behold even the grumpiest of passengers muster a smile.
On arrival they hand a bouquet of Daffodils to the speaker of the house and then they go on to sing their little hearts out, making all their Mams and Dads very proud.
After the exciting events of the morning we all head home for some tea which always consists of yummy cakes. Nobody does tea like the Welsh!!!!

I hope you like my latest doodle. I couldn't resist and had to give St David an nice cup of tea and a Welsh cake x

Toodle Doodle for now x x

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Spring is in the air.

Original Billy Crackers Design ©Elena D'Cruze-Reynolds 2005
Billy Crackers ©Elena D'Cruze-Reynolds 2012
What a lovely feeling it was to wake up this morning to sunshine and the smell of Spring in the air. Yesterday after driving back from my daughters swimming lesson I noticed that the trees are blossoming and I am almost positive that during my Alexander Technique session on Tuesday I saw in corner of my eye a Bumble Bee dozily flying into the patio doors of the classroom.

This latest painting of mine is another re-work of a design that I did years ago of a crazy duckling called Billy Crackers who hates getting wet. Originally done using Caran Dache Pastels he has now been brought into 2012 in Watercolours.

Well I'm off to teach another art class to my kids at the London Welsh School.

Toodle Doodles for now.

Love and Art
E x

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Illustration Friday- Fluid

Marigold doesn't use cleaning fluids to clean her house, only magic.
Dearest Visitors;

So it has been a busy week for me. The kids have been on 1/2 term holiday, builders have been in our flat making our home fit for a royal family and to add to the chaos my drive at making a living with my art is still going full steam ahead. Although, I have to admit that every now and again I do think- what is the point?  I'm lacking in so much space for my creations and my full time job as mother is inhibiting yet at the same time a constant  pool of ideas which leaves me with no choice but to reach for my camera or sketch book. It would be so easy close the lid of my watercolours and call it a day but with that the lights in my world would be turned off.
I'm sure my dearest parents who have very kindly taken us in whilst our renovations take place along with my husband and kids would be relieved to not see me with my head stuck in a sketch book.
All I can ask from all of my family is to please have patience whilst this work is taking place. Maybe sometime in the future my art will finally pay some bills and that I will manage to finish the book that I have been gestating all this time. I am so very grateful to them all and look forward to hopefully one day make everyone proud.

So it is with Mother's in mind that I submit this weeks IF topic- Fluid. This Illustration is a re-work of a character that I designed called Marigold. The first designs I ever did of this magical cleaning fairy were done back in 2010 using marker pens. I have now brought Marigold into 2012 using watercolours. I hope you all enjoy.

Once again Thank you for taking the time to stop by and any comments left are truly appreciated.

Love and Art to you all

Original Marigold design using markers
Elena x x x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day- And we lived happily ever after x

Hello friends. I hope that you are all well, keeping warm and happy. I'm posting this Valentine's card especially for my dearest husband, I have the future in mind. Here is to many years of Living, loving and doodle to you all x x x

Elena x x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Illustration Friday- Popularity

Hello friends, I hope that you are all well. Once again with all my heart  thank you all for dropping by x x

Well another Friday and another post and Illustration Friday submission. What a cold snowy week it has been in London. How has it been for you?

 I hope you like this painting. Unfortunately the computer doesn't do any justice to the colours of this painting. It looks much better in real life.

I don't think this girl of mine is too desperate for popularity, she seems to be very content on her own, in her special place having finished reading her book. I was inspired to do this piece after reading Anne of Green Gables for the second time. I enjoyed it more this time round than when I was a kid.

Love, art and warm hugs to you all

Elena x

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Illustration Friday- Suspense

Dear surfers, thank you for stopping by. If it were possible to make you a virtual cup of tea I would. Welcome to my crazy world x 
Well, here I am again- attempting to blog after a very long time. Nearly three years ago I had child number 2 and I have found it hard to get my doodles out into the world so please bare with me as I work out how to create this special place making it my own to share with you all.

This month has seen Mabli and her friend thrown into the suspense and exciting world of Girl Guiding. Left behind every Monday is my tearful Iola who cries "Yo quiero Browneees, Mama, yo quiero".
This my latest doodle is dedicated to all the pre- schoolers out there who will one day hold their right hand in the air and recite the sacred promise! Enjoy x