Wednesday, 9 May 2012

IF- Hitch

The mother and daughter birthday shopping trip went without a hitch.

As I've gone about my doodling I'm thrilled by all the people who have been asking me for family portraits. So this is how it goes, you send me your pictures and I will turn you into a costume or Children's book Illustration.

It's been so lovely to go back to my art college roots.  I'm desperate to get up into the loft to find my costume degree portfolio!!!!!

Toodle Doodle for now x x x


  1. Well gosh, where do I start! How about, I would like a pair of those boots. Also, I was reminded of Lisa Loeb (the singer) - I think it's the black-rimmed glasses. Just love all the great patterns. Always so great! Totally love the sketch (ah, you changed the shoes!)

    Beautiful photos! I know we're supposed to say how smart everyone is but geez that's an attractive bunch. ;)

  2. LOVE!!! You are quite the artist! Diggin' the outfits, especially. :)