Sunday, 4 November 2012

A busy time of year.

 Hi everyone, well here I am with a brief opportunity to update my blog. I'm starting with a picture which I drew in a sketch pad during festival season this summer. I thought she looked 'shy' enough to be my Illustration Friday submission.

It's all been so chaotic here this week. The children's 1/2 term break is coming to end so not only have I had to keep the girls occupied and happy, finish on going commissions, I've also had a flurry of enquiries for Christmas commissions. 
I've mentioned my family portraits to you all in the past and I am thrilled that what started off as just one offs for dear family and friends have now become a major part of Live, Love & Doodles income.

They are so much fun to work on and bring such happiness. It's a pleasure to share my splashes of love and colour to the world.

Finally my dear friends before I leave you all to get on with Sunday Lunch, these last two illustrations are what I quickly doodled yesterday. Last night me the girls and one of their school friends went to a firework display in order to celebrate bonfire night. I did the pencil sketch before we left the house on our return I couldn't resist but paint it. I feel my years in costume have influenced this illustration. It takes me back to the days of penny for the Guy and this 1940's boy enjoying the celebrations.

If you are celebrating Bonfire night tonight or tomorrow, wrap up warm and enjoy. 
Whilst you are looking up at the sky wowing at the beautiful fireworks don't forget to take a moment to look down at your kids and see the magic of Bonfire night in their eyes. 
Big warm hugs and kisses to you all x x x x 

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  1. Love you Shy Girl for IF! She may have a shy personality but I love her flamboyant style!!