Monday, 1 July 2013


Just a quick update seeing as though I've got a lot of work to get on with before I once again head off on the school run to pick up the little darlings. For regular updates go to my facebook page. Live, Love & Doodle.  My world is so hectic it's much easier to update my comings and goings from my phone. Go on pay me a little visit and 'LIKE'. My worlds a happy one x x x 

Now that the studio is all set up I am looking to build a new website. I'm taking a deep breath and preparing myself for a lot of all nighters. A tough job to do when the little ones depend on you the next day. I do often wish that I had a normal husband, with a normal job that saw him home of an evening. But that would not have then been my boy. He dreamt of making movies and there he is now living that dream. Together the girls and I will hold the fort until he returns and when he does we will glow with happiness of being a Whole once again. 

Have a wonderful week. Love to you all x x x


  1. Terrific illustrations. Very cool characters.

  2. Your illustrations are just so darn fun!!!

  3. Thank you so much x x Can't believe I haven't seen these wonderful comments. x x Naughty me x