Monday, 13 July 2015

Mindfulness Meditation

There seems like no better time than now to post my new illustration for Mindfulness. What makes this post even more poignant is the onset of the Summer holidays. The kids will be off school meaning even more reason for us to have that Mindful moment or two. Maybe a candlelit bath, Mindful walk or even a Mindful trip to the park with the kids. Yes, once you get used to the regular daily practice of meditations you can to find peace wherever you are.  What is there not to LOVE about that!!!!

I’ve been undergoing this very slow transformation from the inside for two years now and as the days, weeks and months go by the symbol of the Butterfly has become very important to me. They feature greatly in my meditations and are regularly released as negative feelings which I let flutter away from me.

I’m always thinking of ways to illustrate the positivity and freedom Mindfulness Meditation has given me. But, with time who knows maybe one day I will elaborate more for those who are interested in learning more about the simple art of ‘Being’. I’ll be happy to share with you how it has reduced my anxiety, heightened my positivity, increased my memory and physical stamina. Happiness isn’t just for other people anymore! 

So reader, this is dedicated to wonderful you. For dropping by and sharing  your precious time with me. Live, Love & Doodle Mindfully  x x x  

Elena x

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