Friday, 7 September 2012

It's that time of year again!

Hey folks!!!
 How are you all doing? Last week I was posting illustrations of a mother at the end of her tether and this week we have a scene of serenity as a happy lady takes her children on the school run.
With my girls back this week. I've been able to sit at my sketch pad and doodle lots of ideas for new illustrations, my imagination is running wild. I can't wait to see how much I grow artistically now that I have a few hours to myself. 

September has always been exciting and magical for me, and as the years pass by I am pleasantly surprised that these feelings aren't subsiding. I assume it's because on 30th I celebrate my Birthday. I know that deep down I should be denying that another year has flown by and with it a few more wrinkles and grey hairs have appeared!!!!!
 It's not all about my special day though. It's also the beginning of the best season in the year. I simply adore Autumn. I look forward to the evenings drawing in, the cosy clothes making their way out of the wardrobe and watching the trees turn golden brown making London look spectacular! 

Here's sending all lots of warm hugs. Until next time x x x x x x x


  1. Ooo - you've just made me want to wrap up and get all snug! Thank you lovely Elena. Lovely pic! xx

  2. So fun! I love all the different wildflowers, and of course the adorable puppy! Autumn is really uplifting. I just wish sometimes that winter didn't have to come after!