Friday, 28 September 2012

Spare a thought for those doing it the old fashioned way x

The book of love doesn't warn you about this chapter!!!!!

Hello all x x x 
Well here I am again with another heart in action. Over the past few months families and life have been on my mind. We all run our households differently. It's all so complicated, very busy and mentally exhausting.
My husband inspired this illustration. He has been away on various productions for over six months. We have become passing ships at night. I'm so grateful for technology because thanks to facetime we have at least had the chance to have face to face conversations and been able to settle many of the girls disputes together as a couple. It's not perfect but we get to see our hero's tired face at night before he goes to bed in his lonely hotel room. 
 Now with a bit more time on my hands and my girls growing up I am finally able to  change career path. I hope that my illustration will be enough to help our hero on his quest to keep us happy, warm and fed. 
Hug a breadwinner and don't forget to say thank you. It's a tough job x x x x 

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