Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Christmas treadmill.

Hello to you all. Well here I am again apologising for the neglect of my blog. I have had so many jobs in that Living, Loving and Doodling isn't leaving me much time for sharing these brief words with you all. So I have finally put a link to my Facebook page which you can see on the top righthand corner of this page. I drop by there quite regularly and it would be so lovely if you could join me. Please feel free to  leave me a message and a LIKE. Oh what fun we will have! You'll see x x 

  I  really can't believe that we are in December. On the 1st at around 12:30 as I drove home from my daughters dancing lesson on the radio was playing Wham's 'Last Christmas'. With that I turned a pale shade of grey and in my head a klaxon sounded and the Christmas treadmill quickened pace. Leaving me wondering whether there will be enough time to get everything that needs doing done before the big fella drops down that chimney.

My Christmas illustrations above have been inspired by the hypnotising candle pictures which I have been creating over the past few months. The one with the little girl looking in the tree is a self portrait. I remember lying underneath my tree looking up at the twinkling lights and baubles feeling so excited I was left dumbstruck. I caught my eldest daughter doing the same thing yesterday morning. I'm sure this is something we have all done which makes Christmas's best gift to us all, the lifetime of memories that can warm our hearts and souls whenever and wherever we are.

Finally my last illustration, is one that all working Mums can relate to. This piece was a commission for 'Baby Buzz Magazine' Nickie Evans the Editor asked me for an illustration of her busily working frantically. I feel just like her as I sit here tip tapping away. The kids and my much beloved are fast asleep and I'm burning the candle at both ends. So with that I am going to bid you all goodnight.

All my love to you all. Wrap up warm and enjoy the memory making x

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