Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My Topsy Turvy World!

Dear, dear fellow navigators . I can only apologise for my absence. It has been so long since I last blogged but you see doodlers my world since the 28th of December has been turned UPSIDE DOWN.
It's a long story that began with curiosity, a new development of houses and a dream of moving away from London to Wales. 
During the Christmas break we a took a trip across the border to see family. Whilst there we spotted a tidy little development of new houses. Curiosity took us up its street on a cold, wet dark blustery afternoon. There we found our home and the reservation deposit was put down. 2013 began and the countdown to this life changing move began. 
We have been just a month in our new home and we are slowly settling into our new life. 
I am proud to report that Live, Love & Doodle now has its own space for me to work from. Long gone are the days of doodling at the kitchen table or free corners safe from sticky little fingers. 

I have been doodling and have so much to post. Including exciting news about my first published book cover. The commissions are still coming in and I am getting back into the swing of Living, Loving & Doodling. I promise to post more soon. In the meantime especially for you some sketch pad doodles of our crazy world x x x x

All my love to you all.

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