Friday, 24 May 2013

Tension- 'The moment we behave as childish as they are'

Hello my dear visitors. How perfect that Illustration Fridays topic is 'Tension' this week because there has been an awful lot of it about. My youngest daughter who has started full time nursery in her new school is coming home exhausted and with it having terrible temper tantrums. They have been pretty hard to deal with and this doodle is the result of the relaxing process that comes after a full on stand off.
La La saw this illustration on my desk the next morning after our fight. She picked it up and tried to hide it in my portfolio. It is safe to say that this piece struck a chord with her and believe it or not since seeing my feelings painted for the world to see she has been behaving!!!!!! 

Its been a really good week creatively. I finished off another private commission. I promise to publish pictures as soon as the birthday girl in question receives her gift. In the meantime I 'm posting another commission of some very loved dogs and their Steam Punk loving owners. This was a fun little illustration to do.

Right off I pop to make Friday Night Dinner. Huge Big Hugs to you all x x x 

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