Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Illustration Friday- Suspense

Dear surfers, thank you for stopping by. If it were possible to make you a virtual cup of tea I would. Welcome to my crazy world x 
Well, here I am again- attempting to blog after a very long time. Nearly three years ago I had child number 2 and I have found it hard to get my doodles out into the world so please bare with me as I work out how to create this special place making it my own to share with you all.

This month has seen Mabli and her friend thrown into the suspense and exciting world of Girl Guiding. Left behind every Monday is my tearful Iola who cries "Yo quiero Browneees, Mama, yo quiero".
This my latest doodle is dedicated to all the pre- schoolers out there who will one day hold their right hand in the air and recite the sacred promise! Enjoy x


  1. This is really cute, so many nice details. Love the colors and the great frame.

    Welcome back to blogging. :)

  2. Thank You so much Cindy your comment means the world to me, especially when I have been away from the drawing board for so long x x