Sunday, 19 February 2012

Illustration Friday- Fluid

Marigold doesn't use cleaning fluids to clean her house, only magic.
Dearest Visitors;

So it has been a busy week for me. The kids have been on 1/2 term holiday, builders have been in our flat making our home fit for a royal family and to add to the chaos my drive at making a living with my art is still going full steam ahead. Although, I have to admit that every now and again I do think- what is the point?  I'm lacking in so much space for my creations and my full time job as mother is inhibiting yet at the same time a constant  pool of ideas which leaves me with no choice but to reach for my camera or sketch book. It would be so easy close the lid of my watercolours and call it a day but with that the lights in my world would be turned off.
I'm sure my dearest parents who have very kindly taken us in whilst our renovations take place along with my husband and kids would be relieved to not see me with my head stuck in a sketch book.
All I can ask from all of my family is to please have patience whilst this work is taking place. Maybe sometime in the future my art will finally pay some bills and that I will manage to finish the book that I have been gestating all this time. I am so very grateful to them all and look forward to hopefully one day make everyone proud.

So it is with Mother's in mind that I submit this weeks IF topic- Fluid. This Illustration is a re-work of a character that I designed called Marigold. The first designs I ever did of this magical cleaning fairy were done back in 2010 using marker pens. I have now brought Marigold into 2012 using watercolours. I hope you all enjoy.

Once again Thank you for taking the time to stop by and any comments left are truly appreciated.

Love and Art to you all

Original Marigold design using markers
Elena x x x


  1. your work is beautiful! i cant believe it's done with marker, it looks too perfect. I especially like your banner.

  2. I do like your take on Fluid ~ Stay true to your path. There's really no choice when you're a creative soul. It just keeps tugging at you, til you pay attention. Now that my kids are getting more independent, it's getting easier to stay focused. You will success. Your art is fun and quite lovely~

  3. Ooh, I am a big fan of the updated version! You do such lovely things with colors and patterns and crazy adorable little outfits. Love the hair and the yellow gloves, but all of it really. She's come a long way!

    As for making time for sketching and such, just let them know it does many things, including:
    1. Helps you re-charge in order to spend more quality time with your family; and
    2. Sets a good example for your kids - if you stick with something for the long haul, you just keep getting better at it!

  4. So cute! I need one of these in my house!

  5. Thank yo so much everybody. Your comments mean the world to me especially after the tough week that I had. Cindy every bullet point of yours has spoken in volumes to me x Love and art to you all x

  6. You SO deserve a publishing deal - one day soon I hope! x